Sweet Corn Soup

Shanghainese Wontons in Sweet Corn Soup


sweet corn soup

Recipe for 1 person 1人份

Ingredients 配料

25 g Pork 25克 猪肉

3 pc Wonton skin 3片 馄饨皮

25 g Watercress 25克 西洋菜

200 g Sweet corn 200克 玉米粒

dram Salt 少量 盐

dram Chicken powder 少量 鸡粉

dram Chinese rice wine 少量 花雕酒

dram White pepper powder少量 白胡椒粉

dram Chili oil 少量 辣椒油

1 cup Purified water 1杯 纯净水

1 cup Ice 1杯 冰块


1. Mince the pork. Wash the watercress, blanch, and drain. Then soak in ice water for a while, squeeze the juice out and finely chop the watercress. Mix with minced pork, chicken powder, salt, Chinese rice wine, and ground white pepper to make the stuffing.

2. Blend the sweet corn with some water. Add a little salt and boil it.

3. Wrap up the stuffing to make wontons. Cook them in boiling water. When the wontons were cooked, remove them and put them into the corn soup. Sprinkle a little chili oil on top.


1. 猪肉切碎,西洋菜洗净放入开水中焯一下,捞出放入冰水冷却后捞出挤干水分切碎。 放入鸡粉,盐,花雕酒,白胡椒粉拌成馄饨馅。

2. 玉米粒加50克纯净水放入榨汁机中榨成玉米汁,放少量盐,烧开。

3. 用馄饨馅包入馄饨皮中,锅中烧开水后放入馄饨,调至小火1分钟后捞出,放进玉米汤中,淋上红辣椒油。

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