Pure White Fruit Corn Kernel

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We carefully remove the kernels from fresh white sweet corn. Due to the thin outer layer, it can be a bit challenging to extract them. However, we take our time and manually remove each kernel one by one, resulting in only a few kilograms produced per day. Our sweet corn is particularly tasty and succulent, thanks to the abundance of water inside. As we peel the kernels, we follow the natural rows of the corn. Unfortunately, if a kernel breaks during the process, we discard it. As a result, all the corn kernels we work with are of the highest quality.

Simply steam our corn kernels for a few minutes and enjoy a delicious cup of corn in the comfort of your own home. Our kernels are naturally sweet and tasty, but you can also add salt and butter to your liking. Plus, they can be used in a variety of dishes such as fried rice, oatmeal for breakfast, or any other cooking method you prefer. Keep our corn kernels stored in the freezer and they will last for several months.




Anyone interested please contact us early because we need to prepare the ice. We will pack with ice when shipping to the outstation.

We can ship the sweet corn kernel to KL, Selangor, or Ipoh. So sorry, we are not able to ship to the whole of Malaysia.

White sweet corn

Corn Kernel Manually

corn kernel

corn kernel after peeled out

white sweet corn in cup

white sweet corn in a cup

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PS: All information on this website is suitable for our sweet corn and our products only. Different types of sweet corn may not follow my advice.

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