White Baby Corn

baby corn with leaf

Baby corn is the baby for the white sweet corn. Our white sweet corn is only 1 per tree, the extra need to pick out as baby corn.


Baby Corn Thailand

Baby Corn Thailand


Baby corn Cameron







Normally you see baby corn in the market that is imported from Thailand. That one has no taste and nobody knows when is the harvest date. Our baby corn is sweet, crunchy, and delicious. Use the knife to cut a line and take out the baby corn for cooking, you can mix it with any vegetables that you like. Some of our customers say eating with the sambal without cooking is also very tasty. 

The husks and silk of the baby corn don’t throw away. You wash the husks and silk and cook in water, no need to add any sugar. Cook for one hour then drinks water, which can clean your kidney. This is a famous Chinese medicine.

baby corn


Steps before cook baby corn:

1: Use a knife to cut in the middle of the baby corn

Baby Corn with Leaf

2: Take off the leaf for baby corn

Baby Corn Take Off Half

Baby Corn Take Off Half

3: Remove all husk and silk from baby corn.

Baby Corn Take Off All

Baby Corn Take Off All

4: Keep all baby corn for washing before the cook.

Baby Corn Ready for Cook

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