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Nowadays many “Pearl Corns” that you see in Cameron Highlands are planted from Ipoh, Kelantan, Bentong, or other locations. It is because “Pearl Corn” at Cameron Highlands was famous for many years. Many tourists want to buy, but just a few farms are planted sweet corn at Cameron Highlands.

Can you differentiate which one is the sweet corn plant in Cameron Highlands? Which one plant in Ipoh?

The answer: 1 is planted on Cameron Highlands. No 2 the sweet corn are planted in Ipoh. Can you see the difference?

Every week we see lorry from other locations carrying the pearl corn to Cameron Highlands. They can’t sell at good prices at their location, so they carry pearl corn to Cameron Highlands to sell at better prices. Those stalls tell the tourists that pearl corn is planted at Cameron Highlands because if they honestly tell you that corn does not plant at Cameron nobody will buy it. Some sellers also don’t know where the corn planting from, they didn’t plant it.

Sometimes we go to Pasar Malam on KL and see someone sell sweet corn, they write Cameron sweet corn. We see it we know that is not planted on Cameron Highlands. We see those corns are plants on Ipoh, not really from Cameron Highlands. Not everyone like us can differentiate whether corn is planted in Cameron Highlands or not. When you come to Cameron Highlands you are not easy to find sweet corn planting here, where got so much stock supply in Pasar Malam KL to sell.

From the outlook, it is not easy to differentiate the sweet corn is the plant at Cameron or other locations. Especially if you are never planting sweet corn before. If you see the stall corn is a lot like a hill with the same size normally those corns are from Ipoh or other locations. The farm is Cameron is not big and many are on the hill, not like Ipoh or other locations flat and a big unit of area. Sweet corns that plant at Cameron are not much. Many customers don’t know how to see whether sweet corn is fresh or not, here are the wrong tips that you should not follow.

sweet corn

Pearl Corn Ipoh

The last time we get corn from the supplier or friends to sell, they cheat us the corn is planted on their farm. We go their farm and didn’t see a single corn tree, we cheated on others before. So we plant sweet corn long-term at our farm. We are no more getting corn from other suppliers to sell. We plant sweet corn at our farm and sell it at our stall at Rose Valley every weekend.

Sweet corn got many types and the outlook is similar. Some corn seeds from Taiwan or China. Last time Taiwan sweet corn is famous. We find out corn seeds from America are better than Taiwan seeds. So we import corn seeds from the United States. It will be different after you taste it. Sometimes we are also confused if just see the outlook for the corn.

Our pure white sweet corns are sweet, juicy, and soft, the epidermis is thin. We got a small machine to test how sweet our pure white sweet corn was. It is sweet like honey. When you eat pure white sweet corn without cooking, it is tastier. After you eat our pure white sweet corn, your whole mouth is felt sweet for a few minutes. We called pure white sweet corn “Fruit Corn” because it tastes very good and sweet when you eat it without the cook. Our regular customers didn’t cook our pure white sweet corn, just eat it like fruit.

White Sweet Corn Cameron

Pure white sweet corn

Sweet corn is the best you eat when fresh harvest. Fleshy is very important. After you bought sweet corn must keep it in the fridge immediately. If you do not keep it inside the fridge, the sweaty and the water inside the corn will be lost from day to day. If you keep it a long time the sweet corn will no more sweet and dry inside. I advise you to eat sweet corn within a week after buying it.

We harvest pure white sweet corn early morning before opening the stall at Rose Valley. We give our customers fresh and good sweet corn. All our customers are satisfied with our sweet corn and bring their friends to come to our stall. Our customers help us spread out our pure white sweet corn is good, so more and more tourists come to us.

Similar case to sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes Cameron is famous for more than 30 years. Sweet potatoes plant at Cameron will take 10 months, not like Ipoh, or other hot locations just take about 3-7 months. Cool weather will make all plants grow slowly. Many mouses eat the sweet potatoes inside the earth that you cannot see. So nobody wants to plant sweet potatoes at Cameron now.

We are the only ones planting sweet potatoes at Cameron Highlands now. We plant Japanese sweet potatoes at our farm for our regular customers.

Sweet potato Cameron

Japanese Sweet Potatoes

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PS: All information on this website is suitable for our sweet corn and our products only. Different types of sweet corn may not follow my advice.

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19 thoughts on “Buying Guide

  1. Serene Lee says:

    Hi! How do I order from you? Im based in PJ. Also, I would like to ask…95% of corns in United States are GMOs. The corn that you got from United States are genuine corn?

    I ask like that because my infant and my toddler loves corn and sweet potatoes so I just wanted to make sure as a mother, I’m giving the best to my children.

    Thank you.

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      Our sweet corn is first generation corn, not the grandson corn. During Chinese New Year we are no shipping to out station. only available on our stall. Please read the ordering steps here https://cornatcameron.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/shipping-sweet-corn-to-kuala-lumpur/

      1. Sekyow says:

        Your question whether the corn is genetically modified was not addressed. My guess is that many growers in Malaysia may not know the answer.

        1. Vivian Lou says:

          Pure white sweet corn seed is original corn, non-genetically modified. The bi-color yellow and white corn are genetically modified. Those genetic modified is multi color. White corn is exist at oversea before yellow corn.

  2. Nurgül says:

    Hi.! Im from Turkey-Istanbul. We are thinking about bring and sell the sweet corn to İstanbul – Turkey.. What should we do about this..? How can you help us?

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      Sorry, we are not able to ship oversea.

  3. Jaylin Tan says:

    Hi, how can I buy japanese sweet potato?

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      You can come our stall at Rose Valley to buy https://cornatcameron.wordpress.com/our-stall/

  4. Jasmine says:

    Do u also sell baby corn with leaves?

  5. Yu says:

    How can I buy from you to ship to Singapore if I want to buy every week 20 sweet corns, Jon genetically engineered? Thx

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      Sorry temporary no transport ship to Singapore.

  6. Hilda says:

    Hi, currently do you sell Yacon?? Do you provide delivery to Negeri Sembilan?

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      We sell yacon in Cameron Highlands. Sorry, no transport ship to Negeri Sembilan.

      1. Hilda says:

        Are you selling yacon everyday include weekend in Cameron highland ?

        1. Vivian Lou says:

          We sell in Rose Valley every Saturday and Sunday only. Weekday please contact me 012-3716379.

  7. Miss Soong says:

    Hi, may i know got sell Pure White Sweet Corn and Pearls corn seed?

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      Yes. White corn seed is very expensive. Kindly send us messages on our Facebook page.

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