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The Limited Edition Special Corn Seeds

We are a sweet corn specialist at Cameron Highlands. We plant the special fruit corn with limited edition. The name “pearl corn” is started by us around 20 years ago. The actual name of pearl corn is “Bicolor Sweet Corn”.

Our sweet corn is different from others, all types of sweet corn taste different. Just the white color corn got more than 20 types and many more types of different varieties of corn oversea. An outlook for corn can’t differentiate sweet corn is a plant at Cameron or Ipoh. Actually many types of sweet corn can eat in raw, just with different tastes. When you taste only knows our sweet corn is much more delicious, it is very sweet, juicy, and crunchy. Hard to explain the taste until you feel it.

Cameron Highlands’ cool weather makes the sweet corn planting period longer, which is 100 days from start planting, growing until harvest. You cannot rude or press hard on our sweet corn. The epidermises of our sweet corn are very thin and soft. Our sweet corn is very juicy because full of water inside the sweet corn.

In February 2012, we launch a new type of sweet corn that is special white sweet corn. We called it “Fruit Corn“. The cost of white sweet corn seeds is more than double the normally sweet corn seeds price. We import directly premium quality sweet corn seeds from America,  it cost us over one thousand for a small package. Our sweet corn seeds are different from the outside, our sweet corn you cannot find at the market. We provide the best quality sweet corn for our customers. Our pure white sweet corn is much heavy than normal sweet corn.  We are focused on pure white sweet corn since this year.

Our sweet corn is different from others, our corn leaf is a bit white. Our corn leaf is light green, not dark green. The color of the corn leaf cannot see whether the corn is fresh or not. Our corn leaf is less, we remove a few leaves then looks white. Not like other corn leaves a lot, after removing the leaf inside small. You cannot just see the corn base in your eye, you put it on your hand then u can feel the corn is big or small, heavy or light. Some corn looks big because of a lot of leaves but is very light.

You can eat it raw, and taste the most original fresh corn. Our white corn cooks very fast and can eat, steam for around 5 minutes was good enough. The other corn needs to cook for at least 15 minutes. Don’t overcook. Different type of sweet corn cooking time is different, some corn is harder and needs to cook for a longer time.

You can read the details of why our sweet corn is good.

Sweet corn is full of fiber and many nutrients which bring some health benefits.

Different size of white sweet corn is the different prices. Small size is much cheaper than big size, the biggest size is definitely the most expensive. Our biggest size of sweet corn is about 600 grams or more, please come to our stall to see it.

Our white sweet corn is the best corn in Malaysia.

White Sweet Corn Cameron

Pure White Sweet Corn

white sweet corn

sweet corn after cook

Sweet Corn Cameron

Big size Pure white sweet corn

Sweet Corns Ready to Harvest

Our sweet corn is 1 per tree

The bi-color pearl corn we are no more planting because it can get anywhere in Malaysia.

Sweet Corn

Pearl Corn

Min 10 corns per order during CMO, we will deliver to your doorstep. Delivery is available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Ipoh.

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54 thoughts on “Sweet Corn

  1. Coming for Raya holidays from 28th to 30th July to Cameron highlands . Need to buy around 100 sticks of white corn for friends and family. Can we drop by the farm to pluck the corn ourself? Love to visit yr farm. Having overseas visitors as well. Staying in Tanah Rata.

    • We are selling sweet corn at Rose Valley during public holiday. We harvest corn at early morning and sell everyday, you can come our stall at Rose Valley during Hari Raya holidays. Our farm is close during public holiday.

  2. Hi Vivian,

    Any chance to visit on Wed, 30th July. We thought of plucking the corn on our way home after checking out from the hotel in the morning. Too many things in the car.


  3. Dear Vivian,
    Coming end of June i will come to Cameron highlands. I would like to visit your farm but we juz a few ppl only.

  4. Can I check, for the pearl corn, if I want to order to deliver Singapore, how much is it for 50 corn?

  5. If i prefer maximum “A” size of pure white sweet corn for my business, how much it cost for 20 boxes?

    • No matter what size of corn RM20 per box ship to Johor. The biggest corn only can put 25 per box. If you are serious please contact us to discuss details.

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  7. Thanks Vivian, but we will not buy much.. I just wanna try this unique fruit corn, is it okie for you? 🙂

  8. Agree man. Your white sweet corn and bilpolar sweet corn super good and tastes exactly how you describe them.

    I wished I can buy direct but I small family so only buy small quantity from shops whenever they still have stocks.

    Keep up the good work man.


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