Our Corn Farm

Our corn farm is located around 3 kilometers away from Rose Valley, Tringkap. Our corn farm is not open to the public, only some of the regular customers will come to our corn farm to buy the sweet corn. We are selling at Rose Valley every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday. Here is the growing process of sweet corn

Sweet Corns Was Mature

Sweet Corns Was Mature

Pure White Sweet Corn

Pure white sweet corn

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PS: All information on this website is suitable for our sweet corn and our products only. Different types of sweet corn may not follow my advice.

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8 thoughts on “Corn Farm

  1. Marellyn says:

    Hi, I am interested of buying ur white sweet corn, i have tried it abt 6 yrs ago, I remember that time I bought it for RM10 per piece at the morning market. In fact i am going to Cameron highland again after 6 yrs just to buy this corn. Would u be able to sell some to me. I will be traveling to Cameron in April unfortunately I am going on a weekday.

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      Pls call me or whatapp 0123716379

  2. Elynn says:

    Hi, where can I buy your white corn at Kuala Lumpur ?

  3. Adamu Idris says:

    i want to buy 3 different varieties of maize for my research purposes. how will i get it?

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      We only plant pure white sweet corn. You can come our stall at Rose Valley during weekend to buy it.

  4. Vivian Lou says:

    Sorry, I not understand what you mean.

  5. Henry says:

    Hi, I would like to buy in bulk, to be delivered to Penang.

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