Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Cameron Highlands

We plant Japanese sweet potatoes in Cameron Highlands. Cameron sweet potatoes were famous for over 20 years, we are the only one to plant Cameron sweet potatoes throughout the year and sell them at Rose Valley. Many stalls outside are selling sweet potatoes from Kelantan, Ipoh, Indonesia, or Thailand because demand is high but supply is too little.

Our sweet potatoes are original from Japan. Our Japanese sweet potato is the yellow color inside with red color skin. Our sweet potatoes’ skin is thin and can eat. Our sweet potatoes taste is sweet and delicious. Someone says our sweet potatoes taste like chestnut.

Cameron Highlands’ cool weather makes the sweet potatoes planting period longer, which is 10 months from start planting, growing until harvest. For hot weather like Ipoh or Kelantan sweet potatoes only need 3-7 months to grow. Many mice eat sweet potatoes on the earth that you cannot see. There are big issues nobody wants to plant sweet potatoes. Most farmers plant other vegetables for about 1-3 months that can harvest and start earning.

Sweet potato is healthy food in the world. Japanese sweet potatoes are a good source of dietary fiber and provide a number of essential vitamins and minerals. Japanese sweet potato has many nutrients and benefits.

Japanese Sweet Potato

Japanese Sweet Potato plant in Cameron Highlands

Sweet potatoes’ color will look more yellow after cooking.

Japanese sweet potatoes


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11 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes

  1. hi vivian. I wish to plant some sweet potatoes at our home backyard in Bangi. Is it possible if we get some vine cuttings at your farm?

  2. Where can we visit a farm where they grow potatoes/sweet potatoes?
    And can we help to harvest a few?

  3. Hi Vivian,I fall in love with sweet potatoes when i was in Tokyo,they are selling at crowded tourist spot,very fresh ,sweet and super tasty when serving hot ,especially eat it under cold weather. Is your potatoes organic or Pesticide free?Why can’t you growth them for supplying to whole malaysia?I just thinking one day i might start selling sweet potatoes like those in Japan…LOL Thank you

  4. hi Dear Vivian, where or how to buy your sweet Japaness potatoes online during this MCO
    my name is mdm yinyee 0126368171, your hp no please, thanks
    how much is per kg, please, thanks

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