Why Our Cameron Sweet Corns Is Good

Why Our Cameron Sweet Corns Are Good?

Our white sweet corn is called “Fruit corn”, which means eat the sweet corn like a fruit. Just eat our sweet corn raw, without cooking. You can taste the most original and fresh taste of corn. Our sweet corn is sweet, juicy, and crunchy. Our customers after eating our white sweet corn, don’t want the bi-color (yellow and white) sweet corn. So we just plant the white sweet corn and no more plant the bi-color pearl corn. Our customers will come back because they cannot find the same taste as our sweet corn anywhere.

Here is the list of the aspect of why our Cameron sweet corns are different from others:

  1. Corn Seed

Normal corn seed for a bottle costs about RM50-RM100, but our white sweet corn seeds have cost us over one thousand just a small package. The cost of corn seed is 10 times more expensive than the normal corn. We import the white sweet corn seeds from America. We import the best quality sweet corn seed from America that you cannot find on the market. We are the only one plant this type of white sweet corn in Malaysia.

2. Growing Period

Sweet corn will take 100 days to grow to get ready for harvest on Cameron Highlands, but it just takes 50-55 days if sweet corn is planted in Ipoh, Kelantan, or another hot place. The longer the growing period, the sweet corn taste will better.

3. Weather

Everybody knows Cameron Highlands is one of the highest mountains in west Malaysia. Cameron Highlands has a cool temperature of 15-25’C throughout the year. Cool weather makes all plants grow slowly. Cool weather will let the sweet corn sweeter and juicy.

4. Hot Sun

Cameron Highlands is located at the mountain, the hot sun is less compared with Kuala Lumpur.  The majority of the year in Cameron is cloudy or rainy, seldom got hot sun. The humidity is low here. Our sweet corn husks are light green because of the hot sun not much. For those corn plants at a hot place like Ipoh, Kelantan, corn husks are a dark green color.

5. Water

The majority of the farm at Cameron is using water from the mountain. We found the mouth of spring from the mountain and connect to our farm. The water comes from the stone inside the earth, not supplied by TNB. The water is fresh and clean. Our white sweet corn got much water inside and it tastes very juicy.

6. Fertilizer

We make some enzymes to fertilizer our sweet corn. It is considered half organic.

Many customers ask why our white sweet corn is sweet like honey? I think this is because of our fertilizer and water. We stop pesticides one month before harvest, all our customers feel safe when eating white sweet corn raw, without cooking. The taste of our sweet corn is the best, hard to explain.  Once you taste it, you never forgot.

Our customers will not buy corn at another stall after tasting our white sweet corn. If you do not believe please come to our stall to taste it! 🙂


PS: All information on this website is suitable for our sweet corn and our products only. Different types of sweet corn may not follow my advice.

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2 thoughts on “Why Our Cameron Sweet Corns Is Good

  1. Amy chan says:

    Hi is your corn seed gmo or hybrid?

    1. Vivian Lou says:

      We are planting the first generation of corn seed, not the son or grandson species. Our corn seed only can plant one time, not like the china can make it dry and plant again.

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