Ship 100 Sweet Corns to KL

Shipping Sweet Corns to Kuala Lumpur

We had shipped out 100 sticks of sweet corns to KL by this Tuesday.  A Japanese couple working at KL orders our sweet corn and request delivery to KL. We harvest white sweet corn from our corn farm and pack it into two boxes.

After receiving the payment, we ship out on the next business day. We deliver to KL by bus express from Cameron Highlands to KL, the bus start journey from Cameron at about 8 am and reaches KL around 12 pm. Our customers waiting for the bus express at KL central and picking up the white sweet corn.

In the evening, I receive the Japanese WhatsApp saying that he is eating out white sweet corn as dinner. He says our corn is very sweet and good. I am so happy to hear that our customer’s satisfaction.

White Sweet Corn

Photo capture by customer

White Sweet Corn

Photo captured by customer

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