12 Lemon Benefits for Health

Lemons are one of those fruits which are labeled as “miracles” of nature. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, dietary fiber, etc.

They are linked with good digestion, flawless skin, and much more. Many people also believe that using Lemon for weight loss and belly fat reduction can deliver promising results due to its nutrient-rich profile.

Lemon or “Nimbu” is a citrus fruit with a sour and tangy taste. Unlike other fruits like oranges, it is not consumed as whole slices and only the juice is extracted for consumption.

Importance Of Lemon in Medicines

Lemon is an important medicinal plant belonging to the family of Rosacea. Its leaves, stems, flowers, are used in many ways in ayurvedic and herbal medicines in many traditions. It is popular and cultivates all around the World due to its health benefits.

Lemon Benefits

It contains bio-active properties and supports human immunity from many diseases. It plays an important role to clean the digestive system as well as skin problems.

Lemons have many benefits including weight loss, relief from constipation, treatment of scurvy, piles, gums, urinary disorders, gout, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, etc.

In the morning ritual, we can use a glass of warm water with lemon juice before breakfast, to get our desired body weight within one week. We can control our body weight as well, moreover, lemons reduce many other risks regarding an unhealthy body. Furthermore, here is an overview of the benefits of lemon in this article.

Uses Of Lemon

Throughout the world, lemon is consumed in refreshing drinks, pickles, jams, and beverages. Oil extracted from its peels or skin.

Skin is extensively used in cosmetics body oils, hair oils, toothpaste beauty, and toilet soaps, dish wash soaps, mouthwashes, disinfectants, and other products.

1.     Help Lower Blood Pressure

Lemon is going to help reduce the risk of stroke and reduce the risk of heart disease. It is going to boost your immune system.

If you are adding lemon to your diet every day. You are going to help boost your immune system up and you are going to find that you are just functioning so much better.

You are not getting the flu and all these respiratory conditions. So, let’s make sure that we are always working to boost our immune system to keep us healthy and also decrease inflammation.

Pectin fiber (soluble dietary fibers) is one of the contents present in lemon. It helps to improve the health of the intestine and colon. It also helps reduce cholesterol. Undergoing study shows great benefits from citrus pectin to combat tumors. Citrus pectin is a fiber derived from the skin of citrus fruits like lemon.

2.   Antioxidant & Anti-cancer properties

‘Flavonol glycosides,’ is a unique compound found in the lemon, which acts as an anti-oxidant and controls the cell division process. This property makes lemon an anti-cancer agent. Apart from this flavonoid, vitamin C also works as an anti-oxidant. It is in fact one of the most critical antioxidants that can be found in nature. It binds with free radicals in the human body and minimizes cell damage.

Free radicals are highly active & unstable molecules in our body. They aggressively bind with our cell walls and damage them, resulting in inflammation, swelling & redness. Vit. C helps to reduce this action of free radicals by neutralizing them.

Lemon helps to reduce the risk of cancer. It is going to help fight against cancer. Some test study shows that lemon extract help to decrease the risk of breast cancer. It helps to actually kill the breast cancer cells.

Lemon juice is helping to fight again cancer cells. There is two active ingredients that are powerful within lemon juice. There is D-limonene and hesperidin. These two active compounds that are in the lemon juice are going to go and help us decrease our risk of cancer and fight off cancer cells within the body.

3.     Supports To Weight Loss

Though it is not a magic potion to lose weight, the pectin fibers and lemon’s alkalizing properties help in burning fat. Taking a glass of lemon water activates kidneys to flush out toxins, and pectin fibers help reduce hunger cravings. If practiced for a long time, it can help you shed a couple of pounds.

Lemon is going to support weight loss because it is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants. These polyphenol antioxidants are going to help reduce weight.

The people who add lemons to their diet or drink lemon water quickly lose their weight as compared to other persons. It also helps to boost your metabolism and also improve insulin sensitivity.

Taking some lemon juice and drinking that lemons water every single day is really going to support that process. So once again, if you want to lose weight use lemon or lemons water. Many people use this to reduce their fat.

4.     Improves Skin and Hear Health

Lemon water flushes out the toxins and brings in anti-oxidant that boosts immunity and give us clear and glowing skin. In addition, lemon has antibacterial and cleansing properties.

Lemon also going to improve your skin health. Lemon water is loaded with vitamin C and also antioxidants properties. So, they are going to support anti-aging. It is going to help keep your skin looking fresh, help you to decrease wrinkles.

The study found that, when the mice were consuming lemon water, it essentially helped decrease the wrinkles on their skin, and also, it’s going to help decrease dry skin.

Now you can actually just use the lemon water, drinking that orally. You can also take lemons juice and put that in some type of topical cream or some sort of topical face masks that you are making for yourself and it is really powerful either way.

5.     Helpful For Urinary Track

Lemon juice enhances the function of kidneys and works as a diuretic. As we know that lemon is a rich source of Potassium, vitamin C & Citric acid. Potassium & Citric acid together makes potassium citrate which is a beneficial agent in preventing kidney stones.

Lemon along with warm water, increases the rate of urination making it easy for the body to clear out unwanted toxins. Thus, it works as a perfect body cleanse drink.

The lemon juice is high in citric acid. It will help make our urine less acidic and it will dramatically reduce stone. It will help break up some stones.

So, if we decrease the stones within and we also help decrease the risk of developing stones. That is very good because a lot of people once again have kidney stones today.

6.     Good For Bleeding Nose and Gums

Lemon is good for bleeding gums. If you brush your teeth and get a little redness on there. That means you are deficient in vitamin C. It is a mild version of scurvy fatigue that is one spider veins, varicose veins loss of collagen.

So, you get loose skin and by the way, your adrenals hold a lot of vitamin C. So that is the storage. It can make more collagen. so that is why adrenal cases burnt out adrenals.

They have a loss of collagen or protein nose bleeds bruising but the most important thing to think about or consider is micro hemorrhaging of the arteries. It means that there is little bleed.

7.     Prevents Kidney Stones

Most important is lemon water counteracts kidney stones. That is the biggest purpose of lemons water. It counters and protects you against kidney stones. It dissolves them.

8.      Better Digestion:

Drinking lemon juice with warm water enhances digestion. Lemon water has multiple vitamins & trace elements that stimulate the liver to create bile and boost the production of digestive enzymes. This improves digestion and reduces gastritis, bloating, and belching.

Lemons comprise a type of fruit fiber called Pectin, which can improve your digestive health. This holds good only when the fruit pulp is consumed and not just the juice. Besides, Lemon juice also contains high amounts of citric acid which can aid in better digestion and excretion of unwanted waste in the form of urine.

9.      Vitamin-C Rich Agent:

It is known that Vitamin C deficiency could be one of the major contributors to obesity and fat deposits in the body. By taking just 1 lemon per day can help in meeting 51% of your RDI of this nutrient. Taking in sufficient amounts of C-Vitamin has shown improvement of fat oxidation by 30% when combined with a medium intensity exercise. (2)

10.  Detoxifies Body:

Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach is known to cleanse your system and eliminate toxins from the body. This includes fat cells, which sit as deposits in your abdomen and waistline. When combined with physical activity, lemon juice can speed up the fat burn and reduce body weight.

11. Enhances immunity

Rich in Vitamin C, Dietary fibers & many trace elements, lemon acts as an immunity booster. Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic acid and is helpful to relieve symptoms of the common cold. Clinical studies suggest it is beneficial to build immunity, but we still lack research to support this claim.

But all doctors and researchers agree on one point that when given during an infection, Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting immunity.

12.  Lemon water alkalizes the body

Lemon provides Citric acid & Ascorbic acid, but both are weak acids, and our body can efficiently metabolize them. So the remaining minerals of lemon make it an alkalizing agent for the human body. They alkalize the blood.

Lemon juice alkalizes the blood by reducing its pH, which is very useful to prevent many diseases. It can also help prevent osteoarthritis.

Bottom line

Before starting a lemon water drink, keep in mind that it is just a healthy habit, so don’t overdo it. Anything in excess is not suitable for health. Instead, limit it to one glass of warm water with one tablespoon of lemon juice. One week 2-3 times is good enough.

Note: Overconsumption of lemon water can trigger GERD (Gastro-esophageal-reflux-disease), and you will experience heartburn. It may also cause frequent urination leaving you dehydrated. If any of the side effects occur, seek medical help.

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