Simple Cooking Baby corn

Cook baby corn with capsicum

Cook baby corn with capsicum

Ingredients: baby corn, capsicum, oil, salt, soy sauce, the essence of chicken, chili sauce.

The cooking steps:

Steps 1. Get ready for the baby corns

Step 2. Remove the husk and silk of the baby corns and cut them into smaller parts, capsicum also cut into a small part

Step 3. Heat up a frying pan with oil. Stir in slices of onion, and garlic until aromatic.

Step 4. Add baby corns and cook with a stir fire

Step 5. add capsicum and cook together

Step 6. Add soy sauce

Step 7. Add chili sauce ( if you do not eat spicy, skip this step)

Step 8. Add salt

Step 9. Add the essence of chicken cook all together. Ready to eat.


Stir fry, cooking baby corns for a too long time will affect the taste.

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