Grape Farm Cameron Highlands

Grape Farm Cameron

The grape farms are located in Blue Valley, Cameron Highlands.  If you are coming from Simpang Pulai, before turning right on the T-junction going into Kampung Raja, go straight and follow the “Blue Valley” sign.  If you are coming from Tapah, go through Kampung Raja, turn right at the T-junction (turn left will take you to Simpang Pulai) and follow the “Blue Valley” sign.  You will see the “Grapes & Tomatoes Farm” signboard after a few minutes’ drive.

cameron highland grape farm

The grapes farms are owned by KC Kwang & Sons that is really worth the visit because the fruits are compost grown, meaning they are organic and can be eaten without washing.

The grapes are indeed a pedigree breed, the Kyoho that originated from Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. The Kyoho grapes are a cross-breed between American and European grape varieties. “Kyoho” (巨峰) meaning “Giant Mountain” is also metaphorical for the grape size because Kyoho grapes are one of the largest in size they are also dubbed “The King of Grapes”.  The grapes are only grown in certain parts of the world like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the USA, and Chile.  Now I’ve found one more place where it is cultivated in Cameron Highlands!

Grapes Farm Cameron Highlands

The grapes are typically harvested twice a year, which is January and August.  The owner told us that with the weather in Cameron Highlands, it is possible to manipulate so you get the grapes all year round.  How awesome is that? Perhaps that’s why we see the grapes in different stages – some are still green, some are light purple and some have matured into blackish purple.

Grape farm Cameron

Grape farm Cameron

To be able to eat Kyoho grapes locally grown in Cameron Highlands is a luxury because the grapes need an initial 3 years period for the first harvest – quite a long time to wait for some good stuff! Furthermore, eating locally grown fruits minimizes the carbon footprint so that’s environmental-friendly too!  The stretch of grapes farm is netted with a small portion of it open to visitors.

 Farm Cameron Highlands

Opening Hours: Daily 8 am – 6 pm

Address: No. 33 Main Road, Kg Raja, 39010 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Tel:+ 605 – 498 1300 / 498 1190
Fax:+ 605 – 498 1287

Grapes farm Cameron Highland

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