Difference between White and Yellow Corn

White vs. Yellow Corn

Sweet corn, or more properly, Maize, is a grain crop that has been a staple food in many parts of the world. Its origins as agricultural produce can be traced back to the Aztecs and Mayans, which were then spread through the various expeditions during the Age of Discovery. It became very popular due to its versatility as a crop, growing in a wide variety of climate conditions. Through the years, and thanks to advancements in science, corn has steadily improved in both productivity and nutritional value. One thing that most are unaware of is that there is a wide selection of subspecies of corn. Of the varieties of corn, the two most prevalent are white and yellow corn. White and yellow corn physically resembles one another, but there are slight differences.

The word ‘corn’ is actually a misnomer. Originally, it was a term used by the English in reference to any cereal crop. ‘Maize’ is the actual proper name used outside of the Americas and in scientific terminology. The scientific name of corn is Zea mays; its subspecies are then referred to as ‘variety.’ For example, popcorn is Zea mays everta. White is the most common coloration of corn, followed closely by yellow corn, while the remaining is referred to as bi-color (which can range from red to orange-hued varieties.) ‘Corn’ is the term often used in reference to this crop in English speaking countries and almost exclusively for products which have heavy concentrations of it (such as corn flakes and corn cereals) regardless of whether it falls under white or yellow corn varieties.

White corn is generally categorized as a variety of sweet corn. While most corn is off the field corn variety (i.e. treated as a grain), sweet corn is harvested during the immature stage and treated as a vegetable. White sweet corn is actually a mutation of the regular field corn with a higher sugar than the starch ratio content. Unlike field corn, which is commonly used as a grain product for such things as livestock fodder and for other processed food like cereals, oil, starch, etc., sweet corn is consumed as a vegetable and typically eaten on the cob after boiling or roasting. As it grows on the stalk, white corn becomes wrapped in layers from green husks to white husks. It also has high water content compared to field corn. The kernels and the ‘milk’ that comprise it are colored white. However, just like regular corn, white corn kernels become hardy and tough as the water content decreases as part of its maturity. White corn is the more common variety and is, technically, the original as other color corn are mutations from the white ‘parent.’

Sweet CornYellow corn is very similar to white corn. Yellow corn is actually an evolutionary off-shoot of white corn. As the corn was further cultivated, research and scientific development produced different varieties from the original species. One of the mutations from the inherent recessive gene of corn is the inclusion of carotenoids within the corn’s composition. These carotenoids include beta-carotene. Because of this, yellow corn can be considered as having more nutritional value than its white corn counterparts. According to experts, some varieties of yellow corn have more lutein and have Vitamin A, which white corn does not. Yellow corn is also not particularly liked in certain areas of the world, such as parts of Latin America and the continent of Africa.

In summary:

  1. White is the more prevalent coloration of corn, secondly, it is yellow.
  2. Yellow corn is a genetic mutation of white corn.
  3. Varieties of yellow corn are more nutritious than the white variety; however, white corn is more widely accepted in certain parts of the world.

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  • 预防动脉硬化及高脂血症
  • 改善便秘
  • 玉米须:
  1. 利尿消肿
  2. 利胆作用
  3. 降低血压及降低血糖作用


  • 发霉玉米会产生【黄麴毒素】,有致癌或肝炎的危险,勿食。
  • 下痢及尿失禁患者,玉米及玉米须勿服。


  • 玉米胚芽含有丰富的亚麻油酸,是一种胆固醇的吸收剂,能有效降低血中胆固醇含量,可预防动脉硬化及高脂血症。
  • 玉米的食物纤维是属不溶性纤维,对改善便秘有速效性。
  • 玉米含有被称为【大脑的燃料】的谷氨酸,健脑效果相当优异。
  • 玉米须有强烈利尿作用,可用治肾炎水肿及尿路结石(古病名石淋)。【岭南采叶录】


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Unforgettable Visit – Sweet Corn Cameron Highlands

Unforgettable visit – Sweet Corn Rendezvous @ Tringkap, Cameron Highlands

A most memorable visit to your corn farm.

baby corn

My second visit for 2014 to Cameron Highlands. The first bite into the white sweet corn was juicy and sweet, can’t believe it was so sweet and crunchy. A sweet corn lover since my young days as a little girl from my native hometown of Kampar, my parents would always buy them back for me.  It was only yellow-colored sweet corn in those days……

Your white sweet corn is 100% Cameron grown, and even tastier than the bi-colored corn – the white/yellow ones,  and it was really worth every single bite.  The great part is about eating it raw like eating apples and oranges. What an awesome enjoyment right in the heart of Cameron Highlands!

Tried it boiled and steamed as well, and every bite was more delicious than the first…

Can’t get enough of it. !!!!!. My Filipino maid and even my doggies love the white sweet corn kernels… ( Masarap  Mais ), she says in Tagalog……

Thank you, Vivian, for the best-tasting sweet corn in all my visits to Cameron Highlands.  And even though, I missed the chance of picking them myself, the visit will forever remain one of the best ones in my lifetime.  The 120 sticks will never be enough … I am coming back for more. 100 days from seed to mature corn, you will always be the No. 1 on my list.

Your farm grew Japanese sweet potatoes, cassava which took 2 years to mature, and also the tender baby corns really made my visit so unforgettable. I love pure honey too.

Sweet Potato Cameron

corn farm

Pure white Sweetcorn + Vivian Lou = My Sweetcorn Rendezvous

corn farm

corn farm

The Queen of ” white sweet corn” ( 白 米 皇 后)

Thanks for the great farm experience ……

Cindy Tan and CS Lo ( Kuala Lumpur + Hong Kong)
Jennie Tan and Peter Wayne Maloney ( Perth, Western Australia)

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