Pure White Sweet Corn Kernel In Cup

We are selling white sweet corn in the cup at Rose Valley during the weekend and public holidays, we are the only one selling this type of sweet corn in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. It takes us time to make sweet corn in the cup.

Many customers are asking how to make sweet corn in the cup? Actually, it is simple, take scissors and hit the middle of the corn to make the corn separate in half. Then take out the corn manually and carefully by following the row to sweet corn. After that, you can just steam it, cook fried rice, or any cooking method that you like.

We make sweet corn kernel take us a lot of time,  one day we just can produce a few kgs only. Anyone interested please contact us early because we need to prepare the icebox and ice together with the sweet corn kernel to keep it fresh.

We can ship the sweet corn kernel to KL, Selangor, or Ipoh.

Pure White Sweet Corn

Pure white sweet corn

Corn Kernel Manually

Corn Kernel Manually

corn kernel

Pure white corn kernels

white sweet corn in cup

white sweet corn in a cup

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